National Science & Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS)

Database of Experts on Mathematical Sciences in India


Apart from this, number of Ph. D, students guided and students currently working under his supervision, number of major and minor projects undertaken and successfully completed etc. certainly gives and additional idea about the contributions made by an expert in the discipline he is belonging to. So investigating this information also becomes an aim of the project. The research papers published in national and international journals certainly adds a feather in the cap of any researcher of any branch of science and technology, hence, the information pertaining to number of research papers published in national and international journals have also been investigated. The number of books written by them for the upcoming students is also important. And last but not the least, knowledge regarding special achievements of the experts that has made them and their organization undertaken etc. have also been gathered. Considering these the main objectives can be listed as below:

  1. To develop data bank of experts and researchers working in University Departments of Mathematical Sciences i.e. Mathematics & Statistics across.
  2. To make available the detailed information like Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, mail id’s these faculties for further communication if needed in future.
  3. To collect the data about qualifications and teaching/research experience of the experts, number of students guided and presently working under them for research.
  4. To present the information about number of Major and Minor projects completed and ongoing under an expert and to collect the information of number of books written and papers published in national and international journals.
  5. To show their special achievements such as Fellowships, Awards and Editorial assignments received to the researchers.
  6. To make a complete data bank in the form of directory and search engine containing all this information.
  7. To make this information available on net, in future, for quickly browsing through it.
  8. To know the areas in which substantial research work is done and focus on research areas which are overlooked as far as research is concerned.
  9. To present the overall University wise index of Experts of quick reference.
  10. To develop alphabetical index of the Experts.